Shazia - Marjolein

I remember as a child finding a studio portrait of my Grandfather, there he stood in his sharp pressed suit beside him a table laid out ready for afternoon tea, a carriage clock and a bowl of country garden flowers. Although I kind of liked the odd ensemble of mismatch items and a man standing uncomfortably in what seemed to be a ladies tea parlour I had no sense of who my grandfather was. It was only from stories that my mother and aunties told through smiles and tears, together with boundless imaginings on my part, I could make some sense of a man I never got to know. In the painting Marjolein I wanted to recreate the studio portrait. My studio portrait in which it is less about material things and whatnots and more about the things that are important to me. Marjolein is friendship, the frangipani in her hair represents truth and honesty and Guto the dog represents love. I guess it’s an escape to somewhere good, somewhere nice albeit in my mind.

Giclee On Paper
18.5 x 14

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